eArly warning Platform to Prevent youth
from dropping out of schooL Education

Early School Leaving remains a challenge for many EU member states, despite the significant developments that have been made regarding school integration of young people with vulnerable background. The necessity to implement APPLE project emerged from the high levels of Early School Leaving in EU Member States and other Associated Countries. According to datasets released by Eurostat, 10.6% of young people (18-24) in the EU in 2017 did not complete their studies at upper-secondary level for a variety of social, economic and familyrelated reasons.

APPLE aims at tackling the issue of early school leaving by developing an innovating guide for educators as well as an early warning platform, which will enable them to identify youth at risk of dropping out and take preventive action against early school leaving.

Who can join us

Educators, teachers and teachers’ associations and academia

Schools / school heads

Educational authorities, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders