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This module will give an approach to communication before cases of school drop-out. We will go through the different stages that should be followed; the preventive measures, the early detection and the intervention. In the different sections of this module, it will be developed content related with examples of ways to avoid school drop-out as well as techniques to both prepare and then communicate better with students and families in the early stages of the truancy.

Module Objectives:

Upon completion of this Module, trainees should:

  • Be able to implement new strategies of communication to prevent drop-out.
  • Recognize the firsts signs of early drop-out.
  • Understand the soft skills for a better communication with students and families.
  • Know that the integration is one of the key factors to present and approach the first stages of truancy.
  • Learn how to approach a conversation with pupils and parents.
  • Know how to behave after the conversation.


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