Given the importance of supporting/equipping educators with skills necessary for early
identification of youth at risk of early school leaving, the scope of this action is to develop and
implement capacity building seminars. Through seminars, educators will enrich their
knowledge in the field and acquire new skills on innovate pedagogical methodologies.
Additionally, participants will be able to exchange experiences and good practices with peers,
as well as expand their network. As such, educators will be able to provide timely support to
students at risk and their families. Capacity Building Seminars will be organized in United
Kingdom, Greece, Romania, Spain, North Macedonia and Portugal.

Available as of October 2020

Download the Capacity Building Seminar for Educators here.
Download the National Report for Portugal here.
Download the National Report for Greece here.
Download the National Report for the United Kingdom here.
Download the National Report for Spain.
Download the National Report for North Macedonia.
Download the National Report for Romania here.
Download the Transnational Report here.

APPLE team will develop a Guide for Educators that will include material on the profiles of
young people at risk, drivers on early-dropping-out and personal stories of the program’s
beneficiaries (upon their consent and in compliance with GDPR). The Guide will be publically
available in the languages of the project partners (EN, GR, RO, ES, MK and PT) and will be
widely disseminated. This action also involves the implementation of focus groups with youth
at risk of early leaving from education and training.

This action concerns the development and pilot testing of an online platform for educators,
schools, organizations and stakeholders. APPLE platform will consist of key material (research
papers, fact-based/ experiences-based practices and tools, etc.), as well as APPLE guides,
curriculum and reports. APPLE platform will enable educators to apply innovative pedagogical methods (i.e. open dialogue and philosophy for children) and to easier identify youth at risk of dropping-out.

The aim is to maximize the impact of APPLE project by bringing the attention of policy makers,
think-tanks, research institutions, academia, activists and non-governmental organization on
a burning issue. Through consultation workshops participants will have the opportunity to
discuss on the early-drop-out-of-school issue, to identify ways of prevention and the
necessary reforms at political and institutional level. In this framework, summary reports with
specific action plans will be developed, while APPLE researchers will participate in conferences and will publish papers in scientific journals.